Stock Your Desk with Healthy Snacks

Research has shown that eating every 2 – 4 hours is a healthy way to keep your energy high and metabolism strong. Choosing the right snack in between meals is key – whether you’re at home or at work.

Maybe it’s the convenience of vending machines or attempting to multitask, but a study in the journal Appetite found that people are 60% more likely to snack at work than at home. If you’re trying to lose weight or snack healthier, there are plenty of snacks you can pack to munch on at work.

Deborah Martz, a Beaumont registered dietitian, agrees that snacks are fine to have throughout the day. “Try to choose snacks that are less than 200 calories. Snacks that contain protein and fiber are recommended.”

Martz suggests that if the length of time between your meals is going to be more than 5 hours, find time for a small snack.

These snacks don’t take much preparation (if any) and don’t add dollar signs to your grocery bill. Try these 12 snack ideas (under 200 calories) to stock at your desk:

  1. 10 multigrain wheat crackers and 2 tbs of peanut butter – 193 calories
  2. mini bag of popcorn (counts as a serving of whole grains) – 100 calories
  3. 24 almonds (rich in protein and fiber) – 170 calories
  4. 2 tbs of hummus w/ 3 mini pita rounds -150 calories
  5. energy bar – around 200 calories each depending on brand/ingredients
  6. pretzel sticks – 30 – 50 sticks for 120 calories
  7. half cup dried apricot (good fiber and vitamin A, too!) – 156 calories
  8. fruit snacks (one pouch) – 70 calories
  9. medium size banana – 105 calories
  10. chocolate chip granola bar – 110 calories
  11. clementine – 35 calories
  12. string cheese – 80 calories

For those paying close attention to the nutritional value of their diet, Martz adds, “Watch the calories per serving size. Some snack size portions are more than one serving. Also, keep sodium levels less than 140 mg /serving. Choose minimally processed foods with monounsaturated fats.”

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