Myths about Holiday Weight Gain

Many worry that the holidays are not only a time of fun and merriment, but also a season of guaranteed weight gain. Every holiday event seems to be paired with savory meals and decadent desserts, making it very easy to over-indulge. Learn the myths about packing on extra weight during the holiday season, so you can stay healthy throughout the holidays and long after the parties have ended.

Myth #1: You’ll gain A LOT of weight during the holidays
You’ll likely only gain about 1 pound during the holidays according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. One pound is still a concern even though it’s much lower than the popular belief that you’ll gain 5 – 10 pounds. A couple of pounds can add up over the years and result in significant weight gain in the long-term.

Myth #2: I’ll lose the pound when I make it my New Year’s resolution
Although well-intentioned, making a New Year’s resolution to lose that pound can be more difficult than you expect. Only 8% of people achieve the resolution they set for themselves. Once you’ve ditched the resolution, it’s easy to quickly gain back the weight that you’ve lost.

Myth #3: You can just exercise the weight gain away
Exercising isn’t a guarantee that you will drop the weight according to many studies. It can be especially difficult to lose weight after the holidays if you start your exercise efforts after the New Year. Instead try setting up a plan of regular exercise and a healthy diet before the holidays even begin.


Learning these myths isn’t meant to discourage, but to inspire you to make healthy choices during the holiday season and beyond. Take the time to savor your food rather than indulge. Don’t forget to drink water at your holiday festivities, swapping out some of your cocktails for glasses of water. Maintaining healthy habits like regular exercise, eating in moderation, and getting a good night’s sleep during the holidays will benefit your health all-year round.

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