Fist Bumps for Flu Season

Fist Bumps for Flu Season | Beaumont Health System

BEAUMONT   Fist bumps for flu seasonFist bumps aren’t just for baseball players and presidents. Compared with handshakes, fist bumps reduce the transmission of germs by about 400% – which is especially important during flu season. To help, Beaumont created Fist Bumps for Flu Season! Even though flu season is nearing its end, reducing the amount of germs spread is helpful any time of the year.

Research published by The Journal of Hospital Infection looked at how healthcare professionals could help prevent the spread of germs and still remain personable and social in settings where handshakes were appropriate:

“We surmise that the fist bump is an effective alternative to the handshake in the hospital setting,” the study reads. “[Bumping] may lead to decreased transmission of bacteria and improved health and safety of patients and healthcare workers alike.”

With the help of Dr. Matthew Sims, Beaumont’s Director of Infectious Disease Research, we created a series of videos to help teach some basic bumps, along with more advanced fist bump techniques to help reduce the spread of the flu as this flu season winds down. Enjoy!


Extend your closed fist confidently towards your target and briefly, but firmly, apply dap. Repeat as necessary. Appropriate for everyday use as well in fancy board meetings.


An advanced fist bump to commemorate major accomplishments or celebrate that it’s Friday. Extend the closed fist and, on contact, simulate a dual explosion. Sound effects aren’t required, but highly encouraged.


The crowd-pleasing Jellyfish is one of the more visually stunning fist bumps ever devised. Extend the fist and, on contact, begin the majestic journey of the jellyfish by opening and closing your hand and propelling backward. One warning: be careful not to get stung by the tentacles!


Originally designed by top NASA fist bump scientists, The Rocket helps reduce the transmission of germs and honors astronauts past and present. Extend closed fists and, on contact and like a well-planned launch mission, have one bumper simulate the rocket and the other the propulsion system. Please, DO try this one at home. As with the explosion, sound effects are highly encouraged by both parties.

Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones by taking proper precautions during flu season—like washing your hands and getting a flu shot. Learn more about colds, flu and antibiotics or how to tell when your child is getting the flu.

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