Average Joe

Episode 5

Who can believe that the Detroit Free Press Marathon is only a few short weeks away? Average Joe has been training for several months now and provides and update on his progress and his feelings heading into the big run. Joe also recently ran a 5k to gauge his pacing and timing (and get a change of scenery)!

Since filming this episode, Joe and his wife welcomed that “baby on the way” referenced at the beginning of each episode. The new baby has been a welcome blessing to the family, but hasn’t made training any easier. Finding the time – and energy – to continue training is a curveball that Joe anticipated and is working through. One of the reasons for this video series was to show the challenges that come up while on the course of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and leading a busy life.

Have any words of encouragement for Joe on race day or tips on the days/hours leading up to the marathon? Leave a comment below.


Episode 4

Let’s talk nutrition. Training for a half-marathon isn’t going to come easy if what you’re eating doesn’t match what your body needs to properly fuel your exercise. Average Joe visits Sola Life & Fitness to interview Stephanie, a registered dietitian, about meal options before races and snacks that can help keep you going! Also, learn about the importance of hydration and how it impacts your physical performance.

Here are some tips on what to look for when adjusting your diet for running and what snacks will help fuel your runs:


Episode 3

They say the clothes make the man, or in this instance, the workout clothes make the man. Average Joe is exactly two months away from his Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. His mile times are improving and his distances are getting longer. To make sure he’s getting the most out of each run, Joe met with Jake, personal trainer at Sola Life & Fitness, to discuss four key components of a runners attire – shirts, shorts, socks and shoes.

Cross-training is an important part of marathon training as well. Runners use cross-training to prevent injuries, improve fitness and more during breaks from training. Jake offers some suggestions on cross-training activities as well. As always, keep following the Beaumont Blog for updates and share your running tips/questions/comments for Joe below.


Episode 2

Average Joe continues his journey toward the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October. Before any hardcore running/training began, Joe visited Dr. Franklin and Beaumont’s Cardiovascular Performance Clinic to check for any underlying heart disease or structural abnormalities. The clinic sees amateur and professional athletes, recreational endurance exercisers and highly active individuals.

Dr. Franklin also provided Joe with information on how to optimize his training regimen and enhance his performance over time. Unfortunately, the scenes of Joe doing a Bane impression using the oxygen mask hit the cutting room floor, but we figured this information may be more useful. Keep following the Beaumont Blog for updates and share your running tips/tricks/comments for Joe below.



Episode 1

Welcome to Average Joe Runs a Marathon – a journey of one Beaumont employee and his attempts to get fit and complete the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.

Why the Average Joe?
Joseph Wesolek is a web and social media specialist at Beaumont and is the embodiment of the average Joe. We have busy lives, we don’t eat as well as we should, we don’t get enough regular exercise and we’re always for ways to improve our health and habits. This is one person’s journey on the road to getting fit. We hope you enjoy our Average Joe video series focusing on:

  • how to make sure your body is ready to take on a marathon (or half-marathon, 5k, 10k, etc.)
  • finding the proper shoes and workout gear
  • using technology (apps and other devices) to improve your fitness
  • incorporating proper diet and nutrition
  • work/life balance

Follow @BeaumontHealth on Twitter and Instagram for periodic updates and leave notes with your tips, suggestions, comments and more.

On your mark, get set… Average JOE!