10 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Plan

It’s obvious that fitness and exercise are important to your health, but even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out. Use these tips to help you jumpstart and stay committed to your fitness goals.

  1. Clearly define your fitness goals
    Although weight loss is a common fitness goal, understand that there are many other benefits too. For example, you might have goals to work on your heart health, lower your stress levels, boost your confidence or up your energy levels.
  2. Reinforce these goals with inspiring notes
    Place your notes of motivation in locations you’ll see throughout your day like on your bathroom mirror to see as you brush your teeth in the morning, or on the fridge as you prep your dinner or on your car dashboard to see as you hop into the car.
  3. Keep things simple
    Make thoughtful choices to set yourself up for success. For example, don’t join a gym that’s on the other side of town or sign up for a class scheduled so tightly you have to rush back to work.
  4. Make your fitness plan social
    It’s classic advice because it often works – work out with others. Ask a friend, spouse or your child to join you for a regular work out.
  5. Plan a fitness check-in with a friend
    If you and a friend don’t want to work out together, you can still support each other’s fitness goals. Hold each other accountable by setting up a time to regularly check in before or after your workouts.
  6. Set up reminders on your smartphone
    Schedule automated reminders on your phone to motivate you to work out, whether it’s an alarm to get you out of bed early before work or a set to disrupt your post-dinner TV time.
  7. Multitask to accomplish everything in your busy schedule
    The power of multitasking can help you fit in exercise with your other responsibilities and goals. Listen to an audio book on the stationary bike or walk around the block instead of waiting in the car for your children to finish up lacrosse practice.
  8. Have a contingency plan
    Realistically, there will be rainy days that keep you from running through the park or you get held up at work and you miss your aerobics class. Plan ahead for days like these—find the nearest indoor track or follow along a yoga video online.
  9. Dress up in fitness gear
    Treat yourself to neon-colored, moisture-wicking workout clothes (or whatever styles you like if neon isn’t your “thing”). Your clothes can be a small step to get you into a fitness mindset.
  10. Record your successes
    Keep track of the days you successfully follow your fitness plan, and the days you’ve skipped. Work towards getting a string of successes, and soon this routine will transform into a healthy habit.

Sticking to your exercise plans can be tough, but tools like these can help you accomplish your goals. What keeps you motivated and inspired to stick to your fitness plan?

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