What Nutrients are you Lacking?

lacking-nutrientsYou may not eat fast food every day and you try to avoid sweets, but your body might still be lacking important nutrients. The good news is that it isn’t too hard to make a few simple changes to your diet to ensure you’re getting the nutrition your body needs to keep you healthy. So, what nutrients ARE you lacking?

Iron is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen in the blood. Signs of an iron deficiency can include fatigue, swelling or soreness of the tongue, brittle nails and frequent infections. While women may be more prone to iron deficiency—also known as anemia – it isn’t something only women are afflicted with. Including iron-rich foods in your diet is a great way to help ward off iron deficiency anemia. These can include:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Oysters
  • Cooked beans
  • Tofu
  • Breakfast cereals enriched with iron

Vitamin C
You don’t have to be a pirate to get scurvy (the classic vitamin C deficiency). By avoiding fruits and vegetables, many people open themselves up to a vitamin C deficiency. Important to growth and repair of tissue in the body, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps protect cells from damage when the food we eat gets converted to energy. Vitamin C is also important to helping our immune systems function.

Great sources of vitamin C include:


While you’ve probably heard that calcium is important for your bones, almost every cell in your body uses calcium to some extent. If you aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet, your body leeches calcium from where a lot of it is stored: our bones. Calcium is also important for healthy blood pressure, blood vessels and women’s health.

Dairy products are some of the most well-known foods that contain high amounts of calcium. Some non-dairy foods like bok choy, almonds, broccoli and kale may also contain calcium.

Vitamin D

Also crucial for bone growth and health, vitamin D has also been shown to reduce the risk of several cancers and weight gain. Vitamin D is made within the body thanks to exposure to the sun. Spending as little as 30 minutes two times a week in the sun is normally enough time for the body to create a health amount of the vitamin, so get outside and soak up the sun!

Some foods that also contain vitamin D include:

  • Salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Egg yolks
  • Fortified milks, yogurts and orange juices


Fiber may be an important part of bowel and colon health, but it also helps us lower our cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight. If high-fiber cereals or beans aren’t exactly your thing, there are several other options for people looking to include more fiber in their diets:

  • Eat more whole grains
  • Add more apples, bananas, berries and oranges to your meals (like breakfast)
  • Find ways to add more vegetables to your diet like broccoli and carrots
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When Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

BEAUMONT - when should i stop breastfeedingBreastfeeding helps to build a strong bond between mother and child, and provides the best possible nutrition for your baby, among other benefits. The World Health Organization recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least the first six months, and breastfeeding in combination with solid foods from six months to two years, or as long as mother and baby want to breastfeed. But when should you stop breastfeeding completely?

Breastfeeding is different for every mother and child, and what’s right for your friends and neighbors may not be right for you. After the first year it will generally become easier to wean for both mother and child, but no two situations are the same. Some mothers choose to stop breastfeeding at the end of their maternity leave, or because of breastfeeding complications. However, neither concern requires that you wean before you or your baby is ready.

Returning to the workforce doesn’t have to mean the end of breastfeeding. Feeding before work, during lunch (if your daycare is near your workplace) and after work will allow you to continue to experience the bond of breastfeeding. At other times, expressing milk with the help maintain a good milk supply and allow you to provide breast milk for bottle feedings. If circumstances at work are preventing you from taking breaks in order to express milk, please visit the United States Breastfeeding Committee website for further information on breastfeeding rights in the workplace.

If breastfeeding is causing you discomfort, or if you’re having other problems feeding, seek out the help of a lactation specialist who can provide support to help you breastfeed as long as you and your baby would like. If you decide to stop breastfeeding early because of pain or complications, consult your baby’s doctor to make sure you’re providing the best nutrition possible with formula and solid foods.

Once you’ve decided when you would like to stop, plan to wean your child gradually, kindly and gently. You shouldn’t stop breastfeeding overnight. It may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fully wean. Pay attention to your child’s reaction to weaning. Allowing your child to determine when and for how long to wean will help make a smooth transition for mother and baby. For questions or assistance with the weaning process, you may find the support of a lactation consultant helpful.

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Depression and Suicide | Ask a Beaumont Doctor

by Howard Belkin, M.D., Beaumont psychiatrist

With the recent death of comedian Robin Williams, depression and suicide are being talked about in media outlets across the country. Many people had no idea that someone who built a successful career by making people laugh was silently struggling with severe depression.

Depression often carries a high risk of suicide and should be taken very seriously. So how do you recognize the warning signs in friends and family? Beaumont psychiatrist Howard Belkin, M.D., talks about some of the most common risk factors and signs of depression and suicide, and gives advice on how to react when you recognize these signs.


What are some of the risk factors for depression and suicide?

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Beaumont Wedding Planners Help the Father of the Bride

Ed Jeffery was clearing up tree branches in his yard to prepare for the guests he was having over the day after his daughter’s wedding.

“I was in the process of cutting down a branch when I fell off of the ladder… head first,” explained Ed.

He was taken to Beaumont Hospital, Troy and admitted to the surgical intensive care unit where he began receiving care for his injuries. Ed’s nurses noticed he was feeling very down. They quickly learned that his daughter’s wedding – the wedding he was preparing for at the time of his accident – was coming up and he was trying to come to terms with not being a part of the special day

After several days of treatment, Ed was transferred to the intermediate intensive care unit.

“Dawn (Ed’s daughter and the bride) was planning on visiting her dad [before the ceremony], but hadn’t told him when,” said Anna Stochmal, RN, one of the nurses caring for Ed. “When we found out she would be visiting on her wedding day, we called Reverend Rik to ask if we could perform a small ceremony at the hospital so Ed didn’t have to miss out.”

Rev. Rik Cryderman, chaplain at Beaumont, Troy, knew how despondent Ed was feeling and jumped at the chance to help. He wanted Ed to be able to improve his emotional well-being and attitude in recovery and motivation.

“We wanted to make this event special,” said Rev. Rik. “To simply have his daughter visit would not have satisfied his need to be a part of the drama, tradition and grandeur of a wedding. We needed to add anything we could to make it a complete experience.”

The team at Beaumont sprang into action.

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7 Myths about Vitamins and Supplements

7 myths about vitaminsTaking a daily multivitamin seems like an easy and convenient way to get all the nutrients you need – but is it really that simple? Before you fill your shopping cart with vitamin bottles, let us debunk some popular myths about vitamins and supplements.

Myth: Vitamins and supplements can make up for an unhealthy diet
Supplements are meant to do just that – supplement your diet. Vitamins and nutrients in food are easier for your body to digest, so a healthy diet is the best way to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients. Depending too heavily on supplements to get your daily nutrients can lead you to take vitamins in doses that are too large, which can cause health complications.

Myth: Fish oil supplements make you smell bad
Fish oil is an excellent source of the omega-3 fatty acids, but it has a bad reputation for smelling, well, fishy. The most common complaints about fish oil supplements are belching and acid reflux, which causes bad fish breath. To combat the odor, you can freeze your fish oil capsules, or purchase fish oil supplements which are enteric-coated to dissolve in the intestines rather than the stomach. Only in rare cases do fish oil capsules cause body odor.

Myth: Vitamins and supplements are risk-free
Just because a supplement only contains vitamins and natural ingredients, doesn’t mean there aren’t risks involved. Taking too much iron, for example, may increase your risk for heart disease. A friend or a television personality might recommend a supplement, but it may not be right – or safe – for you, so consult with your doctor before introducing a new supplement to your diet.

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Enterovirus | What You Need To Know

According to the Detroit Free Press, “Michigan hospitals – reporting an emergency room surge in children with respiratory illness – have been placed on alert for Enterovirus D-68, a virus that has sent countless kids to U.S. hospitals with breathing problems and symptoms of an intense cold.”


We asked Edward Walton, M.D., medical director of the Pediatric Emergency Center at Beaumont Children’s Hospital, to shed some more light on this spike in cases:

What are the causes of enterovirus?
Enterovirus D-68 is one of about 100 enteroviruses and they are passed person to person, like a common cold. There is no vaccine, and there is no anti-viral treatment. The only treatment is supportive – Tylenol, Motrin, fluids. Infants, children and teenagers are most likely to get infected and become sick.

What are the symptoms or Enterovirus D-68?
Symptoms are similar to that of the common cold – fevers, congestion, cough, etc. In more severe cases, there is wheezing and difficulty breathing. That is when parents should seek help.

If you suspect your child is infected, what should your next steps be?
Talk to your primary care doctor about what you are seeing, but if you feel your child is having significant difficulty breathing, you should go to the emergency department or call 911.

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Spirits soar as Blue Angels visit Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Gates were opened this morning at 8 a.m. at the  Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township for the 2014 Selfridge Open House and Air Show.

The open house and air show is open September 6 and 7 and features military aircrafts, armored vehicles, watercraft and more. In addition, to the displays, there will also be exhibitions of the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Team – known to most as the Blue Angels.

Before takeoff, members of the Blue Angels, US Navy and Marine servicemen stopped by Beaumont Children’s Hospital to wish our patients well and share some videos and photos of the Blue Angels in action!

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Food of the Month: Apples

apples - food of the monthApple pie. Apple cider. Caramel apples. Apples are everywhere in the fall, and while they’re often taking center stage in the season’s least healthy desserts, apples have some surprising health benefits that should convince you to reach for your favorite variety next time you need a healthy snack.

Relatively high fiber content makes apples an especially satisfying snack, and a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight or just trying to shake some unhealthy snacking habits. The fiber in apples can also help to regulate blood sugar and aid with digestion, while antioxidants found in apples may help lower the risk of heart disease, and help increase endurance when exercising. One apple also contains about 10% of your daily recommendation of vitamin C.

Here are some healthy apple recipes to try in place of some unhealthy seasonal specialties. Remember to leave the skin on – that’s where most of an apple’s nutrients are found.

Below are a few ideas for serving up apples this fall:

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Hearts of Gold | Meryl Davis and Charlie White Visit Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Beaumont-born U.S. Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White have had a lot of life experiences to list as their favorites – ice dancing gold medals at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, multiple World Championships, U.S. National Championships and even a Dancing with the Stars trophy for Meryl. A recent trip back to Beaumont Children’s Hospital may have made its way onto that list as well.

Charlie and Meryl spent the afternoon going room to room at Beaumont Children’s Hospital visiting patients and families, talking about their Olympic and Dancing with the Stars experiences, delivering medals and Olympic pins and getting to know some of our youngest and bravest patients.

“Getting a chance to brighten someone’s day when they might be going through a tough time, I think that’s one of the coolest experiences you can have,” said Meryl.

“It was a special day and one I won’t soon forget,” added Charlie.

Thanks so much for bringing so many wonderful smiles and laughs!

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New Beaumont Health launched; Beaumont, Botsford, Oakwood complete affiliation

Beaumont Health System, Botsford Health Care and Oakwood Healthcare have completed their affiliation agreement to combine operations as a new organization called Beaumont Health. Federal and state regulatory officials have reviewed and approved the affiliation and granted  tax-exempt status as a new $3.8 billion not-for-profit health care organization.

Beaumont Health was officially launched on Sept. 2.

beaumont health infographic

Visit beaumonthealth.org to read more about the new Beaumont Health including the latest press release and frequently asked questions.

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